Style Icon: Emily Ratajkowski


Not only is Emily my style icon, she is one of my role models for life in general. She stands for women’s rights and what she believes in, making her an influencer to people all over the world. She is badass and not afraid to speak up about current issues that need attention. Just proof that a woman can be stylish and still make an important mark in the world! I basically want everything that she wears. Mom jeans seem to be her staple, she just makes them look so California cool. She knows exactly how to rock free spirit and trendy vibes without looking crazy. (But then again… She’s Emrata! She could wear a paper sack and look sexy)



Emily rocks a suede skirt often. This one from Monki is the perfect color.


A body suit is one of her staples but it should be yours too.


Topshop has mom jeans that fit every body right and look more sexy than soccer mom.


Glasses look so cute even if you have 20/20 vision! Smart is the new sexy and many woman are wearing glasses to complete an outfit.


This bag will soon become your best friend. Emily has a few that are very similar and she is seen carrying them often.


Booties don’t have to be for Fall only. Rock these with a skirt or dress to add edge .



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