May Favorites 

It’s finally May!  I am so excited because the weather is getting warmer and the clothes are getting cuter! While I always miss Fall clothes, this Spring has brought out amazing trends that I hope Stick around for a while!!

This denim skirt is really unique. I love the raw hems, it’s one of Spring’s biggest trends.
Sporty is chic and these shoes look great with ANY outfit. The fact that they are comfy is a major bonus.
These shoes are classy and so feminine. Perfect for your upcoming events! Look at the detail! So stunning.
You will wear these ALL summer. They are a classic! (You can literally find a pair at the thrift store)
This makeup bag is so vibrant in a bright yellow. The writing just adds a cool pop to something that could otherwise be boring.I think it’s important to have a fun makeup bag that you won’t get sick of.
Everyone loves a good trucker hat, take it from Kendall Jenner to make the trend runway ready.
This bag from Chloé is your new best friend! This yellow shade actually looks great when used as a neutral. Worth every cent!
When I bought this skirt from H&M I knew it was going to be a favorite. Trust me, you will love this.


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