June Favorites 

June is finally here and I couldn’t be happier. When the weather gets nicer, I take my usually edgier style and add a twist of vintage. I love what a vintage (or vintage inspired piece) can do to your wardrobe… Especially because no one has it and looks more one of a kind! Here are some pieces I can’t get enough of currently. 

This wrap dress is magical! I love the vibe it gives off. You can make this dress girly, trendy, or edgy depening on what you add with it.
At first glance it looks like a belt. But it’s a choker!!!! This is SO exciting and so fresh.
My favorite summer scent… candles are fantastic year round !
God this denim dress could take you anywhere. It would look good at the beach, at a concert, or even at work. Versatile and unique.
Topshop has some of the best off the shoulder pieces right now. This one has a vintage feel because of the color and details but the silhouette keeps it modern.
EVERYONE NEEDS WHITE SNEAKERS!!! So yes, it’s ok to splurge on Saint Laurent right?
The patchwork detail on this bag is bad ass. It looks like you could find it in your stylish grandmother’s closet and I’m into that. 70’s feel without the wear and tear of an actual 70’s item. Bonus!
I love shirts like this. They look like they have history to them. A little off white with a statement on the front. Summer staple over a bikini top and cut offs.


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