You’re probably wondering where I’ve been. Oh you know, just LIVING ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THIS PLANET!! I’m not used to it yet. I’ve been here since mid-august, and while I miss the US, it’s been a good adventure here. There have been many ups and downs, but I don’t regret choosing to come here for a year. I’m young, and life goes on. Now that I’m more settled, prepare for more blog posts! (I swear I’m getting it together ha ha!) 

THE GOOD- Bondi Beach, Australian accents, Moo Burger, Mel (my new Australian friend!), Kookai Clothing Boutique, Going to bars and Nightclubs at 19 instead of 21, The Opera House, Darling Harbour (The Steak at Darling Harbor), Being able to spend time with James every single day! 

THE BAD- Having to become a full adult at 19, The meat is different, Hardly any good junk food, The long commute, No one says Please or Excuse me or Thank you, You have to serve yourself food at the movie theater (SO Crazy I’m not ok with this!), No Mexican Restaurants 😦 

THE UGLY- James’ Grandmother (I’ll get into it another time, but TRUST me on this one) 


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